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Fabio Concato In concert

Fabio Concato In concert

Fabio Concato is a protagonist of Italian songwriting: since the beginning of his career, with his special formula influenced by the Italian cabaret, he’s told big and small stories of everyday life, made of memories, longing, hopes, confessions and sparks of catching energy. Like an illustrated book, Fabio Concato has always fascinated the audience’s imagination. He’s turned out to be an elegant and ironical songwriter, always attentive to social and environmental issues. The lyrics and the melodies of his songs capture emotions and are part of the Italian musical heritage.

Serena Brancale Vita d’Artista

Serena Brancale
Vita d’Artista

Serena Brancale is electric, virtuoso and volcanic: these three adjectives will give you just a hint of this new overwhelming Italian talent, with a versatile voice, able to easily interpret soul, pop, funk, jazz and R&B. She handles a great variety of music genres with creativity.

Anthony Strong In Tour

Anthony Strong
In Tour

With his perfect tux and his pure glamour, Anthony Strong looks like a complete English gentleman. His swaggering vocals and swinging piano style are matched by an energy that have entertained audiences at his live shows around the world. When he signed with the label Naïve Records (2013) he was regarded by the English media as…

Baptiste Herbin  Dreams and Connection

Baptiste Herbin Dreams and Connection

The history of jazz is marked by accidental, occasional or planned meetings that bring musicians to play together in concerts, jam sessions or recordings. Baptiste Herbin and Massimo Morganti, connected by a common acquaintance, is an example, as they perform together for the first time on Visioninmusica’s stage.