Aca Seca Trio

H 21:00
Acquista Biglietti

20 APRIL 2018
h 21:00


INTERO € 20,00
RIDOTTO € 17,00

JUAN QUINTERO • voce, chitarra
ANDRÈS BEEUWSAERT • pianoforte, tastiere, voce 
MARIANO CANTERO • batteria, percussioni, voce


Aca Seca Trio are a vocal and instrumental band – guitar, piano, drums – whose repertory takes inspiration from the Argentinean folk song. Aca Seca offer a kaleidoscopic picture of South America, one that cannot be easily described using strict standards: it goes from Argentina, to Brazil to Uruguay, it touches jazz, bossanova and folkloristic genres such as chacarera. It is a wide and various mix capable of generating vivid music miniatures. The group was born in 1998 when Juan Quintero, Andrés Beeuwsaert and Mariano Cantero firstly met, at the University of La Plata. Since the beginnings, the members caught the attention of the audience for their very new style in the international music landscape. After their studies, Aca Seca moved to Buenos Aires and started to develop their trio project, parallel to their individual careers as musicians. In 2000 they started to play in several towns of Argentina and Brazil, Chile, China, Ecuador, Spain, Usa, France, Japan, Italy, Uruguay and Venezuela. In several occasions they shared the stage with important artists, such as Francesca Ancarola, Pedro Aznar, Raúl Carnota, Mono Fontana, León Gieco, Liliana Herrero, Ivan Lins and Javier Malosetti. Their debut album Aca Seca Trio got many good reviews and popular artist such as Egberto Gismonti and Pat Metheny talked about it using very positive words. Three years after, the album Avenido was released: it included some rearrangements of folk tunes, of Hugo Fatorusso tunes and new compositions by Juan Quintero and Andrés Beeuwsaert. In 2009 Aca Seca Trio had their debut in Europe with their album La musica y la palabra, a winning synthesis of the first part of their career. Following, they released Hermanos (2014). Their latest album Trino is in the making and everything is still shrouded in mystery: it will be an exciting preview for Visioninmusica 2018.