Charles Pasi
"Sometimes Awake"

H 09:00pm
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05 FEBRUARY 2015
h 09:00pm


INTERO € 16,00
RIDOTTO € 14,00

CHARLES PASI, voice and harmonica



Since he’s been performing, Charles Pasi has crossed many paths, whether in the studio or on stage. Artists such as Maceo Parker, Ben Harper, Jeff Beck, Jack Johnson, Bertignac, Zaz, Grand Corps Malade, Jean-Louis Aubert, Carla Bruni. He has collaborated on the soundtracks of Louis Garrel, and Valeria Bruni Tedeschi’s films. He even dubbed Kad Merad with a harmonica in a cult scene from the film Mais Qui A Retué Pamela Rose? His resume doesn’t stop him from moving forward. It turns out his glories a bonus, not a purpose. A confirmation that the path he has taken is the right one. He is a songwriter-composer-singer-instrumentalist and it suits him well. He has no frontiers, he explores, he goes for it! As a result of this, his third album, “Sometimes Awake” (title inspired by a short story by Faulkner) was released in October 2014. His style has of course evolved; the songs once again reveal his originality, his way of transfiguring everything, whether it is blues, soul, Afro-American music, classical music. Charles experiments, tries things that resemble him: deep, sensual, and free. With a constant inspiration coming from images. “When I compose, it’s very visual. My music is kind of like the soundtrack to my life. Sort of like a diary, the one I never wrote.” That’s exactly what it is. When you listen to his music it’s easy to guess that it owes a lot to literature and film. In the meantime “Sometimes Awake”, if you close your eyes, you see! Men, stories, feelings, rhythms, everything lives, everything breathes. This third record marks another turn in his career: Charles worked with a music director for the first time, Jean-Philippe Verdin (better known as Readymade FC when he records his own electronic music). “I chose him for his very large influences, that go from jazz to minimalist music, and because he understood what I wanted. For example, on this album there is sampling. That is what I wanted but I wanted it to be added in an intelligent way. Not just playing modern to play modern (smile). These samples are musical, they live with strings. It’s almost neo-baroque, with all my influences, and the arrangements are richer. There are also brass instruments… I really thought this record through like a film.” So what film then? The answer came fast: “I think it would be a schizophrenic film where you would go from laughs to tears, from lightness to more serious themes that have touched me.” A record about life, basically. A life far from silly problems, rushing, being blinded, mislead. Charles Pasi likes to dream, sleep, write from his bed, take his time, do and redo again, he is nostalgic for a time he never knew, which is maybe why his songs have such a dreamlike character, that magic you can feel, present, determining. Charles Maybe never lived through the Renaissance, or the sixties or the future, but he knows he is moving along the same timeline, that time, for those sensitive to beauty, can contract itself. It is the heart of a world that it belongs to and that any person can decide to join. He continues his journey, that of the stranger at the end of the road. Where everything is still possible.