Javier Girotto &
Natalio Mangalavite

H 21:00
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9 MARCH 2018

h 21:00


INTERO € 20,00
RIDOTTO € 17,00

JAVIER GIROTTO • soprano saxophone, Andean flutes, percussions
NATALIO MANGALAVITE • piano, keyboards, voice

Javier Girotto (sax) and Natalio Mangalavite (piano) have many decades of experience in concerts and teaching activities internationally. Lately, after having worked in trio with Peppe Servillo, they found themselves together again to create and to produce a duo album: Estándars (2017). Estándars (2017). The word ‘estándar’ is the Spanish equivalent for ‘standard’, a term used in English for popular jazz compositions that, interpreted and recorded many times, have become repertoire tunes, considered as musical heritage. In Argentina and Latin America, the word ‘estándar’ refers to a series of tunes and of traditional themes of the local folklore of the most various genres: zamba (a dance in three times, very different from the Brazilian samba), chacarera (an Argentinean couple – group dance), chamamé (typical in the Rio and La Plata regions), tango and candombe (with African roots).

The two musicians declared: “We are both Argentinean and we come from the same town: Cordoba. Reintroducing ‘our’ standards in jazz style means for us living again some fundamental steps of our education and artistic evolution, starting from our common origins and experiences. There are only two exceptions: the tune San Pedro en El Espinal, a classic Columbian theme, dedicated to our friend Alvaro Aterhotua, and Armando Trovajoli’ Roma nun fa’ la stupida stasera, that represents a tribute to our city of adoption, reinterpreted in our very personal style. During the recording of the album, there was audience in the studio in order to create a sort of live show in one take preserving a spontaneous style and some ‘perfect’ imperfections”.