Canta Burt Bacharach

H 09:00pm
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22 JANUARY 2015
h 09:00pm


INTERO € 25,00
RIDOTTO € 22,00


KARIMA, voice
VITTORIO ALINARI, sax, flute and didgeridoo     PIERO FRASSI, piano e fender rhodes
FRANCESCO PUGLISI, double bass e electric bass
FABIO NOBILE, drums and percussion


..…I was only 15 when I discovered the amazing world of this artist with an album (Dionne Warwick Sings the Bacharach & David Songbook) received as a gift to widen my musical knowledge.
It was a surprise: Bacharach’s way of writing, so deep and romantic, touched my soul… 10 years later I had the luck of a collaboration with him and one of my biggest dreams came true: being in Los Angeles, at his place, then in his recording studio…and being produced for some of his compositions… This project is born from the passion for the good music and from the love for Burt Bacharach, who gave the world dreams, emotions and wonderful moments! A musical project to consecrate his greatest hits and to sing his less popular songs… Closing with one of the best gifts received in my life: the tune “Come in ogni ora”… Karima


Born from Algerian father and Italian mother, Karima approaches music in 1997 when she is only a teenager, taking part in the Italian TV shows Bravo Bravissimo and Domenica In. In 2006, Karima is admitted in the Italian TV talent show Amici di Maria De Filippi, where she gets a third place, winning the journalists award “Premio della critica” and obtaining a recording contract with the Sony BMG label. In 2009, Karima takes part in Festival di Sanremo in the ‘new proposals’ category, with the tune Come in ogni ora, written by Burt Bacharach, who performs with her and Mario Biondi during the third evening of the event. In the same year, the singles Amare le differenze and Come le foglie d’autunno are released. She takes part in the TV programme Amici-La sfida dei talenti and sings to the charity concert Amiche per l’Abruzzo. She records Un’avventura with Nicky Nicolai and Simona Molinari and in the last months of the same year she works in the dubbing industry, giving her voice to some characters in the movie Fame and interpreting some of the songs for the Italian version of the Disney movie The Princess and the Frog. In 2010, her first album, Karima, is released after being recorded in Los Angeles under the direction of Burt Bacharach. In the same year, she opens a Whitney Houston concert and releases two other singles, Uno meno zero and Just Walk Away. Since 2012, she takes part as ‘VIP singer’ in the evening edition of the TV programme Amici di Maria De Filippi. Currently, Karima is on tour with a project dedicated to Burt Bacharach and is working to the related new album..