Musica Nuda

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12 JANUARY 2018

h 21:00


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Musica Nuda is the result of an encounter decided by the fate: in 2003, Petra Magoni was leaving for a mini tour in some clubs of ‘her’ Tuscany with a friend guitarist. On the first day of tour, the guitarist gets sick and Petra doesn’t want to cancel the date and asks Ferruccio Spinetti, double bass player of the band Avion Travel, to take the place of the colleague. The concert reaches such a success that, in a few weeks, the musicians create a complete repertory containing the songs they love the most. In one day, they record their first album Musica Nuda, a title that will also give its name to the duo In 14 years of intense concert activity, MUSICA NUDA collected precious awards such as playing at Olympia in Paris and at Hermitage in Saint Petersburg. They were hosted by Pina Bausch Tanz Wuppertal Festival and, in Germany, they opened Al Jarreau concerts. With ‘Little Wonder Tour’ they performed in Europe, North and South America, Japan. From that special encounter, Petra and Ferruccio held more than 1200 concerts, produced 8 studio albums, 2 live albums and a DVD.

Their latest album Leggera (Warner, 2017) explores with lyrics and music the concept of ‘lightness’, inspired from the first episode of Italo Calvino’s Lezioni Americane. It’s an idea that embraces all tracks of the album, characterized by a lightness and an elegance remembering the Italian songwriter-music of the Sixties. Several artists contributed to the writing of their tunes:Peppe Servillo (who signed the tune Come si canta una domanda, music by Spinetti), Fausto Mesolella (composer of the music of Tu sei tutto per me, lyrics by Alessio Bonomo), Frankie Hi-NRG Mc (lyrics for Lunedì, music by Spinetti). Francesco Cusumano with Feltrinelliand Lelio Luttazzi and Zeppieri unpublished work: Canzone senza pretese.