Oren Lavie
Bedroom Crimes

H 21:00
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23 FEBRUARY 2018 

h 21:00


INTERO € 20,00
RIDOTTO € 17,00

OREN LAVIE • piano,acoustic guitar, voice
MAOR WIESEL • electric guitar
AMIR SADOT • keyboards, doubleness
Oren Lavie found himself working as a singer-songwriter almost by chance: actually, the Israeli musician moved his first steps as soundtrack composer, growing meantime a passion for classical music and for American literature (Bukowski, Miller, Hemingway), to finally land into the songs world after the success ofHer Morning Elegance, nominated for a Grammy in 2009, that gave him an unexpected popularity in videos and advertisements.

The long period between his first album The Opposite Of The Sea and the new one, Bedroom Crimes, is the result of a specific choice, born in the author by the awareness of being an author of his own limits as singer and by the willingness to develop other artistic skills (children books and theatre plays). The atmospheres are the same as in the beginning of his career: elegant chords of folk, pop and jazz, neoclassical orchestra, a light ‘saudade’ and a bit of melancholy: elements balanced by a slighlty retro style, different from nowadays singers-songwriters. The ‘bedroom crimes’ described in the title are not scandal stories, but a series of short stories born around that room, an involuntary accessory of passions and cheatings: the bed and the bedroom where everyone of us was born, loves and dies. The tracks explore the eternal fight between desire and giving up, always hanging in the balance between innocence and restlessness, the duet with Vanessa Paradis in the enigmatic Did You Really Say No? is a perfect synthesis of Israeli author’s music, always hanging in the balance between innocence and restlessness. The comparison made by some music critics on the duet between Nick Cave and Kylie Minogue is not risky: here we can find the same synergy between passion and death typical of the famous ‘murder ballads’ made by the Australian musician. Oren Lavie’s pop is slightly aristocratic, old-fashioned, not very prone to rock contamination, often fascinated by classical traits, such as those that delineate through a string quartet the delicate armony of Sonata Sentimental #1 –You’ve Changed.