"Rimbamband Show"

H 09:00pm
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09 APRIL 2015
h 09:00pm


INTERO € 16,00
RIDOTTO € 14,00


RAFFAELLO TULLO, voice and percussion
VITTORIO BRUNO, double bass


A saxophone player stolen from the village funfair, a dazed bassist, a talented pianist, a nuisance drummer, a gang leader: here’s the Rimbamband.
Five musicians, a bit idiot, but extraordinary, that charm, create, deceive, excite, demystify, provocate… play. And so the real becomes surreal, the impossible becomes possible, the possible becomes likely, in a show that travels beyond music, landing into a new unexplored dimensions, where the music itself expands: you listen to them like it was a concert and you watch it like it was a variety show.
During this ‘journey’ you meet many personalities, from Buscaglione to Carosone and Arigliano (and you’ll be surprised to find them extremely similar to Mozart and Rossini), you discover with pleasure the sounds of the dance, but most of all, you get back to your inner child.
Rimbamband Show is a performance out of conventions, over the top, but … without directions and with only one guarantee: you will become as much hilarious as these five players.


Together since 2006, as good pestiferous and shady characters, the Rimbamband members mix all possible languages of art and entertainment. Music, mime, clown, tap dance, theatre, noise music, fantasy theatrical parodies. All of them shaken with a relentless comic pace and served with overwhelming energy.
One is Raffaello Tullo: bald, tap dancer, plays and sings. Call him gang leader.
Then there is Renato Ciardo: he sounds a strange battery, has a huge head, a strong Bari accent and a (not so) secret romance with Tony Dallara.
And what about Vittorio Bruno? He plays the bass, but did not yet understand who he is and where he comes from. A rare swing soul, at times dazed, other times a refined observer.
There is also a saxophonist: think that he’s yet convinced he’s playing in the funfair of Capurso. His name is Nicolò Pantaleo and he is a talented, kind, mathematics and square soul.
And then there’s “Il Rosso”(the reddish one), Francesco Pagliarulo, delicate, fragile and honest soul, with ragtime in his veins. A talented pianist, he’s the “sweetheart” of the gang leader.
Rimbamband brings their live shows throughout Italy and, during the years, took part in many Italian TV and radio broadcasts, among which Maurizio Costanzo Show, Stella with Maurizio Costanzo (SKY vivo); 610 (Sei uno zero) with Lillo & Greg (Radio 2); Barbareschi Sciock (La 7) – as resident band for 12 episodes; Zelig Off (Italia 1); Italia coast2coast (Rai 2); Gias (Canale 5).