Trio Bobo
Pepper Games

H 09:00pm
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02 FEBRUARY 2017
h 09:00pm


INTERO € 20,00
RIDOTTO € 17,00

FASO • bass


In November 2016 Pepper Games, the second and awaited studio album by Trio Bobo ((Faso/Christian Meyer/Alessio Menconi) will be released. It is produced by Nadir Music and distributed by Egea. Trio Bobo, in more than fifteen years of intense live activity in the whole territory of Italy, has gained a solid fan base, acquiring a wider and wider crowd of ‘aficionados’ who constantly follow their tours both in Italy and abroad. Mixing typical jazz, rock/progressive and afro-Brazilian rhythms, what comes out is an incredibly unique and personal sound, unmistakable for its lovers. A sound mix composed by original and cover tracks, created after years of collaboration and growth among these three super musicians. On a side, Faso and Christian Meyer, who represent the rhythmic structure of the band Elio e le Storie Tese, and on the other side Alessio Menconi, one of the most appreciated and talented jazz guitarists in Italy.

What the Bobo members say about their album:
Pepper Games is an album created slowly (such as handmade bread, that needs to ride with starter yeast), with devotion and love in all its phases. We needed many tries to compose tunes, concerts to test them, whole days to make a good pre-production, checks on arrangements and several changes. Only after all this process we entered the studio recording the whole album in only three days and choosing the best among two or three takes. We then spent many evenings in our homes listening to our music and making bass, guitar and drums overdub because we wanted a unique, powerful, present and wide sound. A work that is modern, but made as they did in the 70’s, years we are pride of!